MCI USA Partners with Mindset Digital to Expand Virtual Engagement Solutions

MCI USA Partners with Mindset Digital to Expand Virtual Engagement Solutions | MCI United States | EN

McLean, VA, USA, June 18, 2020. To meet the rapidly growing demand by associations and corporations for virtual learning and events, MCI USA has partnered with training firm Mindset Digital, a market leader in gamified learning and attention design in the U.S.

Organizations are investing in new ways to bring people together virtually, deliver value and find new sources of revenue, said Tom Gibson, CEO of MCI USA. “Our new partnership with Mindset Digital furtherexpands our ability to deliver virtual content, training and consulting that drives both engagement and results.”

Even before the recent push toward virtual learning and events, the $326 billion workforce training market was rapidly accelerating,noted Mindset Digital Founder and CEO Debra Jasper, Ph.D. “While in-person events will certainly return,the ability to also fully integrate virtual engagement solutions will dramatically changethe learning landscape,” she said.

Together, MCI USA and Mindset Digital will offer organizations consulting and learning programs in how to:

  •    communicate with clarity and impact in today’s virtual world
  •    develop and retain business through powerful online networking approaches
  •    transform their current continuing education programs with gamified, micro learning approaches

“We’re all experiencing major shifts in how we work,” Jasper said. “As we Zoom through our days, it will be ever more important to help professionals learn how to make a big impact, even on a small screen.”

To learn more about MCI USA and Mindset Digital 
education and training programs, contact Deborah Sas

For more information please contact: 

Andy Schwarz
Associate Vice President, Public Relations
+1 703.506.3260


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Mindset Digital has trained more than 200,000 professionals in Fortune 100 firms and other top organizations around the world in how to compete and connect in a digital age. Its proprietary approach in attention design, micro storytelling and gamification drives scalable and measurable results. The firm has worked extensively in financial services, healthcare, pharma, education and hospitality. Mindset founders Debra Jasper, Ph.D. and Betsy Hubbard were named by EY in 2018 as two of the top 12 female entrepreneurs in North America. For more,