Asssociations Focus: Event Portfolio Performance

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Are your event strategy, framework and related operational plan aligned with your association’s strategic direction?

Is your event portfolio achieving better year-over-year growth than those of your market competitors? Do you have clear insight into the means and methods of optimizing event portfolio net revenue while mitigating downside risk?

Pressure on associations to increase member engagement has risen dramatically over the past seven years since this century’s Great Recession. According to the 2014 Associations Now “Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report,” roughly half of associations reported flat or declining membership. The study highlights a “leaky bucket” syndrome where member attrition outpaced new member acquisition. This troubling trend suggests an underlying challenge of relevance and engagement.

In an effort to counter this trend, associations are responding by exploring initiatives designed to enhance engagement, particularly among millennials. Indeed, engagement is the new Holy Grail for association executives in search of solutions to revitalize community and spur revenue growth.


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