Do You Know Where Your Business Travelers Are?

Do You Know Where Your Business Travelers Are? | MCI United States | EN

As you read this, do you know how many of your employees/coworkers are currently out of the office on business travel, and where? It’s Tuesday, April 16th, 2019, and at this moment about 30 MCI USA talents are working on-site at locations around the globe – and that’s fewer than normal. Each traveler may be from a different MCI department, working with a different client, and reporting their expenditures to a different lead. So how is it all tracked?


From a business, planning, practical, and service standpoint, it makes sense for companies with business travel to manage their bookings with a Travel Management Company (TMC) such as ours. Using a TMC offers employers peace of mind, as well as saves companies time and money. The benefits are numerable; read below for just a few of our favorites.


Making it Easy

We work directly with corporations to book all travel arrangements including air, hotel, car, rail, and sedan service.  It is a simple process as travelers or companies can book travel arrangements via phone, email or through an on-line reservation portal, such as Concur or Deem.


All options allow for companies to track their employees, enforce internal travel policies, and receive insights as to where their money is being spent.


Saving the Day

One of the major benefits of streamlining business travel to a TMC is knowing where your travelers are at any given moment.  A corporate travel arranger has the ability to monitor flights to assure travelers are protected by quickly rebooking them, so they are not stranded if a flight has been delayed or cancelled due to weather or aircraft maintenance situations.


TMCs also assist in managing unused tickets, unblocking seating and obtaining name change waivers to prevent airline tickets from expiring. TMCs can also obtain hotel waivers for late cancellation and no-show waivers if changes come up unexpectedly.

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Saving You Money

According to Wendy Ennis, Director of Corporate Operations and Business Travel at MCI USA, the average company can expect to save between 20 and 25 percent on travel reservations when using a TMC.  


The perception of finding a lower fare on sites like Expedia or Kayak are not true as TMCs have access to the same flight availability and/or flight options, but TMCs also have relations with vendors to acquire a deeper discount. In addition to business travel, they can get reduced rates for large groups traveling at once, or even groups traveling from different places and converging for a meeting. TMCs ensure that travelers won’t have to settle for an inconvenient flight time or destination and can still stick within their budget. 


When TMCs are booking for multiple travelers within one company and using one card, the company can earn its rewards points through the credit card company, saving even more on future travel.


End-to-end, corporate travel management ensures the traveler will be punctual to every meeting, keeps the cost low and streamlines the process as much as possible to make it easier for both the company and the travelers. 


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Wendy Ennis

Wendy Ennis
Wendy Ennis

Wendy serves as MCI USA's Director of Corporate Operations and Business Travel.

Kaitlin Dunn

Master of all things content, Kaitlin has served as MCI USA's copywriter since April of 2019.



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