Incentive Travel: Motivate Employees While Increasing Your Bottom Line

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How you recognize your employees can play a major part in your ROI.

How do you recognize and celebrate your employees’ accomplishments? Bonuses? Raises? Accolades?

These tactics have positive effects, but many times they’re short-lived and typically don’t have a direct effect on employee retention and/or a company’s net profit. Studies show that a company who invests funds into recognizing their highest-performing employees through Incentive Travel has up to three times the return on investment. In addition to improving employee satisfaction exponentially, overall staff retention, and ultimately – revenue, increases.

Although many corporations may balk at the idea of adding Incentive Travel as a budget line item, the cost is actually quite small when compared with the return. And that’s not for lack of luxury; the value of the trips MCI USA plans for our Incentive clients is perceived exponentially from what is actually spent. With the ultimate goal of revenue increase – the investment is worth it.

There are multiple reasons why Incentive Travel should be considered as a reward for employees:

  1. Directs goals. The trips are earned based on specific short-term objectives that support business goals.
  2. Builds confidence in the company. Confidence instills satisfaction, and satisfied employees produce more.
  3. Builds relationships. This is the company’s chance to meet and talk with top producers in a relaxed, out-of-office setting.
  4. Builds camaraderie and esprit de corp. Properly structured programs have high impact on morale and loyalty. It not only motivates individuals that earn the trip but also those longing to be a member of “the club.”
  5. Has trophy value. Memories are relived for a lifetime.
  6. Allows the spouse/partner to be involved.

So how do you build Incentive Travel into your employee recognition program?

First ask yourself: “For what are you rewarding your employees?”

The first step is to build structure and decide benchmarks.

In most companies, the highest-performing employees earn their annual incentive travel program (normally the top 10-20%).

What goals do you want your employees to reach?

These should be measurable and challenging, but attainable.

Brand your program.

Promoting the program and encouraging awardees to share about their experience post-travel creates buzz.

As Incentive Travel becomes a well-known part of your recognition culture, the reward becomes like a select “club” within your organization that employees want to be a part of. Companies use titles such as “President’s Club,” “Diamond Club,” and “Chairman’s Circle” to express exclusivity and distinction for their highest achievers.

Additionally, MCI USA provides high-value materials to market the trip – including an employee-only website where employees learn about the destination, register and reserve activities.

Provide nothing short of Luxury.

Everything about your Incentive Travel program should exude luxury or fantasy. In general, high-performing employees typically travel regularly and have a broad range of travel experiences, which is why we tailor every detail of our trips so it’s unique and has a wow-factor.

MCI USA does all of planning and logistics in-house, saving our clients money, while not losing a bit of awe. Destinations are hand-picked, and each activity is curated. Spouses/partners are invited to participate, and all guests are treated like royalty from the time they’re awarded the trip until they arrive back in their home city.

Recent experiences include:

  1. A visit to the original “Horse Whisperer’s” Santa Barbara home for a private demonstration of his horse training skills followed by dinner at his mountaintop home.
  2. A cooking class in the New Orleans 19th century home, featuring a highly personalized hands-on class featuring classic Creole instruction, recipes, fine wines and multi-course meal.
  3. An afternoon in Palm Springs with the following options available for guests to do as they pleased:
    1. Architectural and celebrities home tour
    2. Cabana pool rental
    3. Cooking at Carey Grant’s former home
    4. 18 Holes of championship golf
    5. Trail ride through Indian Canyons
    6. Hot Air Ballooning
    7. Joshua Tree National Park Extreme Jeep Tour
    8. SUV or sedan for the Day
    9. Rental Car for Program Dates
    10. San Andreas Fault Eco-Adventure
    11. Spa Treatment
    12. Salon Services
    13. Tennis Where the Pros Play…

If you had this menu of experiences, wouldn’t you want to go back?

Looking to plan an incentive? Let’s work together to make your incentive travel program a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our vast array of incentive services.

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