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March, 04 2020

First impressions count

Sales and business development professionals are charged with maintaining strong client relationships and building new ones in order to grow revenue for the organization. At every turn, we are competing for the opportunity to engage a new prospect and to be able to earn a meeting and a conversation. Prospective clients are bombarded with purchasing options – from emails, LinkedIn connections, social media ads, and even the occasional direct phone call (BTW, we still like calling on prospects!).

Once you have cracked the surface to start to build interest with a prospect, it is critical that the marketing materials used to support direct selling are captivating and solution oriented. 

Solution oriented

What are your clients and prospects trying to solve for?  Engagement, lead generation, brand awareness, thought leadership?  These are some of the “solves” that a prospective client may be looking for in the world of media and event sales. Constructing a media planner and prospectus around the “solve” means that you are focused on the prospect and their needs, as opposed to focusing on the product you are trying to sell. 

MCI recently redesigned the advertising media planner for the American Health Lawyers Association. The content was rebuilt around the solutions needed and products were organized in two ways – marketing solutions and channels.

The goal of this relaunch is to reduce friction for the prospect.  Included are clear points of entry that are used to draw in the prospect. During a sales meeting, simple paths take a prospect through the AHLA community and show how their member products can meet specific marketing needs.


Making a connection

Sales and revenue growth happen when a sales professional asks the right questions to understand the need, qualifies the shared opportunity, and builds trust with a prospect. In a hyper-distracted world, this simple statement is not a simple task. Investing in the marketing strategy and materials to build engagement with prospects allows you to meet a prospect where they with a clear solution.

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Carrie Hartin

Carrie Hartin serves as President of MCI USA's Sales Solutions & Services. She brings her years of experience to bear on making good decisions in helping our client partners generate advertising revenue through new products and emerging media. She intuitively knows that in today's evolving association marketplace, media sales is about finding new and creative ways to align advertisers' messages with audiences valuable to our clients.

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