MCI USA: Destination Experts With a Solid Vendor Network at Any Given Moment

MCI USA was contacted by a client in early October for a program that would require support in Las Vegas, Nevada and Honolulu, Hawaii in just five weeks.

By Agnes Canonica, Global Account Director, Corporate Meetings and Events

The client was chartering a private Boeing 737 with reconfigured seating for a 21-day around the world air cruise for 42 French passengers. There were two classes: first and club – which required separate ground arrangements, including hotels. This was a rescue mission with very little time left due to their initial provider going out of business.

Once the scope was clear and the contract was signed, we only had three weeks left to plan the program for the two groups in addition to “a la carte” activities desired by individuals. This process included many moving pieces, in addition to having to contend with a night time marathon on the Las Vegas Strip that hindered any transportation logistics for that evening.

By leveraging our multiple MCI offices and talents to secure last minute team resources, we were able to divide and conquer to secure four hotels, ground transportation and luggage trucks, a Grand Canyon excursion, tickets for two different Cirque du Soleil shows, Celine Dion concert tickets, gourmet dine-arounds, access to Pearl Harbor, a luau, French guides and French travel directors, and even a vow renewal ceremony officiated by “Elvis” at the Little Chapel of the West!

For the night of the marathon on the Las Vegas Strip – we had to get creative in moving the groups from the Wynn/Encore to the MGM Hotel Las Vegas and Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas. One group went by foot and the other by monorail in order to be on time for dinner and a show.

Through our extensive knowledge of Las Vegas and Honolulu and our local vendor relationships, we were able to create an extraordinary experience, including customized welcome gifts upon arrival in each destination. And most importantly, the voyagers were delighted.

Imagine what we can produce with more than three weeks’ notice!

It was an unforgettable experience and we want to extend a big thank you to our partners for the amazing collaboration and all-hands-on-deck attitude. That made this project an incredible experience for the participants: Encore, Wynn, Royal Hawaiian, Westin Moana Surfrider, Caesar’s Entertainment, Cirque du Soleil, MGM Hotel Las Vegas, Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas, National Park Services, Papillon, AWG, VIP Transport, Honolulu FBO, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Duke’s Tommy Bahama, and the amazing on-site support by Clarissa Koppius and Alex Canonica – to ensure that everything went off without a hitch. In French no less!