Nothing turns off anymore. Not events, not professional communities, not marketplaces — and not your audiences, attendees, clients, and stakeholders.

That makes always-on digital technology solutions both a medium and a message. Even as mobile apps, online communities, virtual reality, social media, and AI increase engagement, boost reach, and broaden markets, they also announce that you’re a part of what’s next.

This is the future — and it’s already here

And so is MCI. Let us drive traffic to your eCommerce-optimized website. Let us seamlessly track, capture, and funnel sales leads. Let us target potential attendees with customized marketing. Let us create multisensory experiences, cross-platform content, and year-round conversations. Let us dazzle you with digital.


  • Cloud-Based Community Platforms
  • Event Technologies, including Virtual Events
  • Website, App & Mobile Technology Interaction
  • Social & Digital Marketing
  • Digital Design & User Experience
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video & Motion Graphics
  • Audio & Voice-Activation Technology

Ready to experience what’s next?