Sales & Sponsorships

For any organization, revenue is about sustained growth and added value. We develop strategies with you to diversify your revenue opportunities in order to maximize new markets, partnerships, and growth.

Start by realizing that advertising, partnerships, exhibits, and media have changed. Has your sponsorship and sales strategy kept pace? Has it adapted and diversified?

It’s time to reinvent the bottom line

MCI takes a creative, flexible approach to identifying new markets, partners, and revenue opportunities. From exhibit sales, integrated media programs, and digital and print advertising, to individual-giving campaigns and corporate partnerships — we’ll find your true worth and we’ll help you maximize it.


  • Exhibition Sales and Management
  • Sponsorships
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Fundraising
  • Individual Giving
  • Event and Production Development
  • Digital and Print Advertising and Sales
  • Global Sales
  • Integrated Media Programs
  • Enterprise Sales


  • Revenue Generation
  • Sales Strategy
  • Partnership Development

Ready to discover your true worth?