The Challenge

An international association’s components were made up of established state groups as well as newer state groups that lacked a leadership structure, had a strained relationship with the association, and suffered from low attendance at its component meetings with leadership. The association also had structural problems that led to a tax-status conversion.

The association needed:

  • Governance structure to help established and newer components.
  • Assistance for groups with a desire to examine tax-status conversion.
  • Rapid updates to component-affiliation agreements.
  • To strengthen relationships with component leaders.

The Solution

MCI USA reached out to component leaders to help review, revise, vet, and finalize the affiliation agreement, all within three months. We also reached out to components that expressed an interest in tax-status conversion, which culminated in a face-to-face meeting at the association’s annual event where components’ support and governance needs were addressed.

Lasting Results

  • Within two months of its annual event, the association distributed a new agreement that the components helped develop.
  • MCI USA worked with key component liaisons to appoint officers, establishing a new governance structure.
  • MCI established a platform to encourage greater communication with and between components.
  • Communication between components and the association is on an upward trajectory.
  • Participation in component leadership meetings has increased exponentially.