Establishing a Presence in Europe

An association representing 130,000 members in 158 countries had difficulty trying to enter new markets and offer new products.

The association needed to:

  • Gather intelligence to understand the European market.
  • Define marketing and sales objectives.
  • Establish a pilot program in a selected market.

After establishing a successful business in North America, the association’s training and development (T&D) department decided to pursue a more global approach, which included a “European Training Development Strategy” for training programs throughout Europe; one of the first markets targeted for expansion.


  • The association implemented education in Europe in just six years.
  • Education programs have emerged consistently in Europe with double-digit compound annual growth.
  • The association now runs more than 40 courses a year across Europe.
  • The T&D department is a well-recognized international education platform that annually provides training — offline and online — to more than 10,000 engineers across the globe.