Reengaging Connections

A century-old organization of information professionals had set up multiple communication platforms to meet the needs of its many special-interest groups, which unintentionally resulted in segmenting divisions from the general membership.

The organization needed to:

  • Increase the value proposition of national membership.
  • Increase member opportunities to engage with the parent association.

MCI USA discovered a great deal of overlap and confusion regarding where specific information was housed, along with inconsistent delivery methods across platforms. We worked with volunteer leaders to launch a unified community-engagement platform, with communities established for each special-interest group, allowing members to engage across divisions through one portal.


  • Engagement organization-wide is at an all-time high.
  • More than 8,000 discussion posts and 4,700 contact requests were made through the platform within three months.
  • Members are directly communicating with each other within their special-interest group or across multiple units.
  • Networking opportunities have increased significantly.
  • Member profiles are now connected through a variety of demographics.