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Sandra Velema-Hijnen

Sandra Velema-Hijnen

Office: MCI Amsterdam

Job Title: Association Relations Manager

How did you end up at MCI?

Having worked abroad in the United Kingdom and Middle East for 7 year I was ready for a new opportunity in my home country; The Netherlands. After experiencing the Hospitality Industry (Business Development) and Commercial Conferencing, I was looking for a challenging role with an international organization, working for and on behalf of clients. Whilst working in Dubai I therefore submitted an open application to MCI Amsterdam. The interview took place during my holiday in The Netherlands. After the second interview that week, we agreed my starting date in November 2012 and I moved to Amsterdam. Very happy it all worked out, enjoying my role and learning every day!

What makes you proud about working at MCI?

The incredible projects we get the opportunity to work on! And the drive, passion, diversity and experience of the team. 

Supporting associations, the government and corporates, we deliver such a large variety of projects to various different industries creating lasting experiences by triggering emotions because “when people come together magic happens”.

What’s the 1 piece of advice you would give others about working at MCI?

Expect the unexpected! 

What excites you most about your future with MCI?

The growth opportunities; even more exciting projects to be delivered, clients to partner with, industries to explore and chances to develop further and continue learning!

Can you talk about a specific scenario that created an extraordinary career experience for you? 

At MCI Amsterdam we started working closely together with our Business Development colleagues from MCI Brussels. This puts so many years of experience and incredible expertise together providing an extraordinary opportunity to learn and grow together. A great example of how MCI works across borders as a truly global organization leveraging local expertise.

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