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Geneva – August 17, 2020. MCI, a global consulting agency delivering innovative live experiences, customer engagement strategies, go-to-market models and digital and marketing services for corporate brands and associations, announces the launch of a new design thinking product to redefine the future of brands’ audience engagement in the virtual world and transform their engagement strategies - D.I.V.E.© by MCI.

This approach helps corporate brands to:

  • Gain a holistic understanding of their audience
  • Ideate and design user-focused live, digital and hybrid experiences
  • Implement engagement solutions that meet their needs and strategy

D.I.V.E.© by MCI (Define. Ideate. Visualise. Engage) is a proprietary methodology based on MCI online and offline expertise, combined with 30 years of strategic insights and knowledge of how to activate audiences and address people engagement needs. It builds an agile, effective and scalable framework tailored to brand’s objectives; whether it is to enhance employee engagement, build brand loyalty or activate new audiences.

The outcome of collaborative approach provided by D.I.V.E.© by MCI methodology is a tailored engagement strategy, and management solutions with a clear milestones, R.O.I. and action plan, which once executed will maximise revenue, navigate change and humanise experience depending on the clients’ original request.

An efficient, tested, and adaptable methodology tied to the strategic outcomes of 7,000+ live and digital projects performed by MCI a year, enables company’s experts to co-create engagement strategy with a customer via a set of tasks and tools organised in a logical order in 5 modules to ensure that key needs of clients and their customers can be individually addressed. This methodology helps clients make decisions based on quality and impact factors of their business and audience and receive tangible outcomes without investing too much time and resources.

Each module accounts for either analysis: defining clients business objectives, targeting audience needs, exploring experience touchpoints and innovative approaches; or implementation: visualising user experience journey with personalised experiences and heightening engagement connection & reach.

Taking the D.I.V.E. journey with MCI, the brands can achieve the following:

  • Create positive business outcomes 
  • Ensure the platform is relevant to the brand and the audience
  • Broaden their brand reach and increase engagement
  • Extend the life of brand message
  • Capture valuable audience insights and conservations
  • Focus on the future, not just the now

Oscar Cerezales, Global Executive Vice President Corporate Division, MCI says: ‘We analysed thousands of customers’ goals, resource allocations, plus brand and engagement strategies. And we realised that customers are approaching the challenge with tech ‘anchored’ solutions, simply pivoting pre-existing F2F meetings into digital. In our opinion, it is a short-term approach. Thus, we created D.I.V.E. - a scalable solution for digital needs based on engagement tools and fuelled by new business model frameworks.’

Avinash Chandarana, Group Learning & Development Director, MCI, adds ‘Working on this product, we were aiming to create those breakthrough experiences, whether live, hybrid or virtual, that connect in more meaningful, memorable and shareable ways. Our goal was to develop collaborative and interconnected hybrid experiences that are designed to complement client’s strategy, deliver a return on engagement and ensure the highest value outcomes. D.I.V.E. observes behavioural changes addressing consumer/user/attendee needs and is geared to scalability, which is highly important while organising digital and hybrid events.’

Discover the D.I.V.E.© by MCI methodology at www.divebymci.com.





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