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Annual Report 2016

We at MCI, the world's largest professional conference organiser and provider of strategic engagement and activation solutions for the international meetings and event industry, are proud to present the MCI 2016 Digital Annual Report!

This dynamic digital report summarizes our vision, solutions and value we bring to our clients. Furthermore, it features a selection of our client success stories, information about our management team and people who make it happen, key financial facts and details of our presence around the world. This report has been developed to showcase how we help our clients achieve their engagement goals and how we deliver unforgettable online and offline experiences.

2016 has been a landmark year for MCI. As we progress into 2017 and beyond, we will continue to forge deep client relationships using a strong community-based approach. Additionally we will strengthen our world-class company culture to celebrate entrepreneurial creativity, reaffirm our sustainability principles and focus on results. We will continue to look into structuring and investing in our digital, content and creative services that already represent a quarter of our revenues”, said CEO, Sébastien Tondeur.

Browsing through the “Results & Facts” section, users are able to view MCI’s financial results for 2016 and discover more on the company’s global performance key milestones:

  • 2000+ MCI talents in 60 offices in 31 countries
  • Projects managed for 85 of the Fortune 500 companies
  • 5,781 projects delivered in 80 countries
  • 22 awards received
  • 108 Leadership positions in major industry associations
  • 1.5 million event attendees
  • 58 global accounts
The report also displays MCI’s unique core products and solutions with six inspiring client success stories from the past year:

There are exciting challenges and opportunities ahead with the rapid rise of technology. At MCI we believe that digital, virtual and physical experiences are merging into a continuous flow and it is up to us as the leaders in our industry to keep up with the latest developments for better managing our unique value proposition.
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