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MCI 2015 Sustainability Report

For the 7th year in a row, we are reporting on our annual progress according to the UN Global Compact principles. Back in 2007, MCI was the first event agency in the world to sign this demanding agreement! 

And since then, we have never stopped pioneering in the areas of sustainable services and community actions. Here are a few highlights of what we achieved in 2015:

  • Clients: We organised 128 projects around sustainability in 60 countries, bringing us to a total of 742 events and consulting projects organised since 2010.
  • Community: You, our talents, volunteered a total number of 5,970 hours last year, raising over €128,108 and supporting 80 charity projects around the globe. Since 2010 you have helped 409 community projects and raised a stunning €1.7 million. Go Team MCI! 
  • Ethics: We launched a group-wide programme in which 440 talents worldwide were trained in ethical business practices. 
  • Supply Chain: 100% of our preferred global suppliers and 33% of our entire supply chain are compliant with MCI’s responsible procurement policies. 
  • Talent: MCI Institute delivered 5,971 hours of training last year.

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