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MCI Brazil celebrates the latest tech trends with the Innovation Show 2017

With an aim to demonstrate MCI’s capabilities in pioneering event technologies to clients and stakeholders, as well as to spark guests’ interest through an innovation-packed extravaganza, MCI Brazil organised the Innovation Show, on 29 August in Sao Paulo

Over 200 clients had the opportunity to attend seven inspiring back-to-back sessions taking place on a 360 stage and 360 screen, while gaining in-depth insights into the latest tech trends. Gamification fused in virtual reality, holography, bots and robots, interactive mirrors and facial recognition were only a few of the showcased solutions that blew the audience away.


  • Gamification with virtual reality
  • Accreditation with facial recognition
  • Mapping
  • Toten interactive
  • Filter by "#" of the event
  • Holography
  • Beacon
  • Bots
  • Robot
  • Interactive mirror
  • Virtual reality for cinema
  • Augmented reality
  • Application without wifi
  • Online translation
  • Digital magic
  • Camera 360º
  • Hololens
  • Crystal fabric

What is more, all 12 exhibiting companies had a QR code on their stands leading to video demonstration and consequently stimulating an interactive, alive ambiance amongst visitors.   

With the Innovation Show 2017, MCI Brazil strived towards utilising the latest technology as a powerful ally for events. It was created as a true spectacle of new trends shaping today’s digital landscape, all the while highlighting solutions that leverage the success of business.

While technology usually steals the spotlight during events, what also grasped the audience’s attention was a 9-year-old speaker and influencer, amongst a notable list of seven speakers, including:

Bernardo Mendes, Business Development Manager, ESL

Felipe Gonzalez, Network Developer, Programaê

Fernando Tomé, Consultant in Social Intelligence, Campus Party

Jonathan Ysaye, Country Manager Spain & Latam, Magency Digital

Manoela Meroti, Speaker and Influencer

Marcelo Siqueira (Sica), Creative Director, Weezee

Rafael Pongelupi, Sales Director, RSTCom

Within a unique setup and offering a diverse spectrum of ground-breaking tech solutions, the Innovation Show 2017 managed to inspire and amaze its visitors. Culminating in the strengthening of the bond among esteemed partners, suppliers and key industry players the event was a complete success.

For more information about the Innovation Show 2017 and its impact on the events industry, visit or contact MCI Brazil’s Director of Innovation, Ney Neto at

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