The 2020 Round-Up of 5 Successful Strategies for Virtual Events

The 2020 Round-Up of 5 Successful Strategies for Virtual Events | MCI Group | Events

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2020 was the year of virtual events, meetings and conferences. 

With public health regulations around the world making it impossible to travel or meet in person, they provided a great alternative to ensure business continuity, build community around your brand, educate your audience and generate revenue. 

But the popularity of virtual was accompanied by another revelation: designing an engaging, informative and profitable virtual event is not as easy as one might think. 

Many made the mistake of approaching it as a replica of a face-to-face event, instead of a product in its own right;  

Others did not consider that engagement strategies had to be adapted for the shorter online attention span of participants;

There was a rush to snap up the latest digital tools and virtual event platform providers, only to find out that those cannot replace a sound event strategy. 

That's why we want to say goodbye to 2020 by sharing with you our main learnings from a year designing and delivering virtual events, across these 5 key areas: 



3.Event Design 



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