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What does the user think? Download our study on the challenges and opportunities of virtual events & congresses.

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has accelerated the switch from live events to hybrid or virtual solutions.

The crisis served as a boost: digital alternatives and virtual formats were introduced at record speed.

Target audiences accepted digital offerings – initially because there wasn‘t an alternative in sight. With the recent ease of government measures, analogue formats are slowly beginning to resurface again.

So, what to do next? Stay digital? Go back to meeting in-person? Or aim for the best of both worlds?

MCI Germany partnered with insidery for this study on the behaviours, expectations and challenges of 500 respondents who have had experience with face-to-face as well as virtual fairs, conventions and events.

These newly gained insights could support decision makers in better understanding participants, help them avoid making mistakes and be a source of inspiration for the development of effective and sustainable customer engagement strategies.

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