What Doesn't Work in Virtual Events (And What to Do Instead)

What Doesn't Work in Virtual Events (And What to Do Instead) | MCI Group | Events

Download our infographic on the 4 things that don´t work in virtual experiences and their more successful alternatives.

The virtual environment presents different challenges, and with that, there are some things that do not work in virtual experiences. 

  • Approaching a virtual event as a virtual replica of an already-planned face-to-face meeting, instead of a product in its own right; 
  • Thinking that engagement strategies do not need to be adapted for the consumption of a virtual audience, instead of designing for the shorter online attention span;
  • Focusing on partnering with a technology supplier that offers the coolest tech features, instead of developing a bespoke event strategy first;
  • Under-resourcing the event team responsible for the creation and execution of the virtual event, instead of seeing virtual events as a sum of many different components.

These are only few of the challenges you may encounter while pivoting your live activations in the virtual space. The good news is that with the right mindset and strategy, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to achieve the business objectives you had set for your face-to-face events in the virtual world.

Download for free the infographic to discover some practical solutions to these challenges

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