3 Inspiring HR Projects to Engage Your Employees in the "Working From Home" World

3 Inspiring HR Projects to Engage Your Employees in the "Working From Home" World | MCI Group | Events

Calendar icon October, 26 2020

Never in recent years has the work of HR professionals been so delicate and yet so crucial like in the past months. On top of their traditional role of keeping the workforce engaged and productive, they now have to face the challenges and implications of the COVID-19 crisis.

Personally and professionally, this health crisis has put a toll on workers’ mental health and productivity: they’ve been dealing with the anxiety caused by living during a pandemic, the increased difficulty in maintaining a work-life balance, the smart working model and the economic uncertainty. 

All these adjustments have hindered the employee experience as we knew it before the health crisis, leading to less socialisation and motivation amongst employees. 

So, how can HR Managers drive resiliency in uncertain times and help their workforce thrive in this altered work environment? 

At MCI, we’ve been supporting our clients in their employee engagement and incentive programmes for the past three decades – and we’ve continued to so during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Here are three local initiatives ideated by three of our local offices to support HR teams in their employee engagement efforts. 

"The Gesture that Brings Closer” - MCI Spain 

In the context of the pandemic, MCI Spain launched the campaign "El Gesto que Acerca" (The Gesture that Brings Closer) dedicated to HR professionals. 

The campaign is divided into three stages: gestures with employees at home, gestures in the office and finally office celebrations, meetings and incentives in this “new normal”. 

1. In the first stage, the objective is to create that link between talent and the company, whereby a positive message of gratitude is given to the team with small gestures.  

Details that don’t require a large investment for HR departments, such as personalised sweets with a motivational message or a personalised bartender kit work very well for this first phase.

2. Once in the office, we try to promote safe interactions between the talents and the company.  

From there, we create small surprises and experiences that employees have not lived in recent months while working from home.  

These are small gestures that bring talents closer to the company's brand and encourage interactions between co-workers. 

3. In the last phase, experiences and incentives that are closer to what employees were used to before the pandemic are rolled out – with special attention to safety protocols.  

For example, first meetings outside the office or individual incentive trips, where employees live a unique experience with their family. These gestures also help fostering a sense of belonging within the employee’s inner circle. 

Through these activations, MCI Spain wants to help companies motivate their workforce, reinstating the connection with the brand and its future.  

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Immersive Virtual Event Experience - MCI Korea 

Medtronic Korea appointed MCI Korea to create an internal virtual event to engage and incentivise 450 employees.  

As the virtual event was planned instead of an in-person incentive, the experience had to create that wow effect to activate the remote audience.  

For this reason, our team in Korea ideated an immersive virtual experience, using different visual and interactive features. The whole event took place within a holiday-like 360 degrees virtual scenario, where attendees were prompted to engage in different activities, such as a lucky draw event, real-time video calls with the CEO, quizzes and games. 

Overall, the immersiveness of the experience combined with fun and interactive moments, created an occasion for employees and company leaders to get together and share essential business information in a refreshing way. 

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Fun Employees’ Family Activities - MCI Argentina 

In the past few months, companies like Nestlé and MSD have entrusted MCI Argentina in the design, planning and delivery of different internal events held virtually. 

The focus of these activations was to reach out to employees within their homes, a familiar and informal setting where hierarchies dissolve. The spirit of the meetings was to share, learn, and have fun thanks to activities that met the expectations and dynamics of a diverse audience.

For Nestlé, the virtual activities were designed based on the company’s values - sustainability and environmental care - while using Nestlé products. 

For MSD, we designed and created an activity developed in a “virtual amusement park”, with actors and a magician. The audience could participate and interact with them live from their homes, creating an enjoyable atmosphere and breaking the routine of the working from home life. 

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There is no doubt that the coronavirus crisis has changed labour relations due to the unprecedented measures and regulations that governments had to introduce. 

Companies must put extra care in looking after the motivation of their employees and offer them experiences that will give them positive value. The companies that will manage the return to normal in the right way will create a lasting relationship with their talents. 

Is your company trying to find new ways to connect and engage with your employees in this “stay at home” world? Get in touch to discuss virtual employee engagement strategies. 



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