3 ways to develop effective brand marketing in 2021

3 ways to develop effective brand marketing in 2021 | MCI Group | Events

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In a world dictated by volatility and uncertainty, how can you develop effective brand marketing that resonates with your audience and positively affects their buying behaviours?

Brands are now omnipresent in consumers’ lives, interacting with them via social media, advertising, online communities and more.  

The explosion of these new channels has brought new expectations to the fore – of what brands should be and stand for. At the same time, consumers are getting savvier about marketing tactics and more selective when it comes to their loyalty. 

In this context, how can you develop effective brand marketing that resonates with your audience and positively affects their buying behaviours? 

We have identified 3 strategies that you can follow to make sure that your brand marketing does not end up alienating your audience instead of attracting them. 

1. Be human 

Emotions play a significant role in marketing. Developing some kind of emotional attachment to a brand is a strong driver for decision-making. 

Whether you operate in B2C or B2B, people should always be the core of your strategy. In a world that’s more and more mediated by technology, human connection still represents the key to your audience’s heart. 

So, don’t hide your brand behind a logo or website, but let your audience peek into your teams, company culture and way of working. 

Social media offer great opportunities to do that. They are a channel where communication is allowed to be more informal, and they give marketers a variety of ways in which to humanise a brand – from videos, photos and gifs to engagement moments like polls, quizzes or by simply asking a direct question to your followers. 

Show your audience the people behind your brand, show them you care, and see what happens when they start connecting to who you are and your values. 

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2. Show a sense of purpose

In the current cacophony of branded messages, consumers have fine-tuned their ability to understand which brands are authentic and operate on a value structure and those that are just faking it. 

Studies have been reporting for years how the younger generations – Generations Y and Z – consider brands’ purpose an important factor in their buying decisions, going so far as to shift service provider if a company disappoints them with tone-deafness or disregard for social issues. 

In the post-COVID world, people will ask your brand to make them feel part of something bigger than its product or service and connect them around common values and beliefs.    

Think of Patagonia, donating $10 million dollars of tax cuts to environmental groups, or Nike, partnering with Colin Kaepernick - a controversial football player who spoke out against racial inequality in the sports industry - with the campaign “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”.

If you want to remain relevant with your target audiences, your brand hast to take a stand on pressing issues and strive to make a difference.  

This shouldn’t be just for show, however. Putting your “why” at the centre of your operations is a long-term commitment to embed purpose across the value chain. Only then this sense of purpose will radiate out of your organisation and reach the customer. 

3. Remember your audience’s pain points 

It goes without saying that your audience should always be front and centre in your brand marketing strategies. 

As such, start any campaign or initiative by asking yourself: “what problems is my audience facing right now?”  

It takes a proactive approach to discover the pain points that are most relevant to your audience, especially in our fast-changing world where the future remains more uncertain than ever. People's pain points might change fast and often, so remember to check in with your audience once in a while. 

How to do that? Look at research conducted by experts of consumers behaviours, apply social media listening and consider performing client interviews yourself. The more direct the communication channel between you and your audience, the better. 

This way, you will be able to unleash that incredible energy to motivate, inspire and get your audience to react to your message. 

In a world dictated by VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) conditions, brand marketing should be ready to address the audience by talking to them in a human-to-human manner, embed a sense of purpose in its activities and offer relevant solutions to their challenges. 

Do you need help promote your brand in a way that both resonates with the current climate and passes the test of time? Contact us to find out how we partner with you to craft brand marketing strategies that resonate in the heart and mind of your audience. 


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Benedetta Fadini
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