AV Trends for 2019: What to Look out For

AV Trends for 2019: What to Look out For | MCI Group | Events

Calendar icon February, 05 2019

January was quite the long month, but we are well into 2019 now.

And there are plenty of trends already popping up in the industry that event professionals should indeed be looking out for.

Audio-visual technology has been rapidly evolving for years now. We have been seeing plenty of awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping technologies emerging that enhance the full attendee experience. And today, we are specifically going to talk about some audio-visual trends set for 2019 that we are ready and eager to try!

Are you ready?

Smart lighting solutions to create the experience

Using simple lighting technologies (a.k.a LED bulbs) can help set the mood of your entire event – and it’s cost effective to boot.

  • Are you going to go soft or harsh?
  • Are you setting the colour of your brand?

Those dashes of colour across your venue can really help set the tone and create the atmosphere you are going for.

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Improvements to AR and VR technology hits events…

VR and AR technology are improving substantially, and we should see more adoption of this AV technology in events this year. Significantly better graphics and resolution (perhaps teamed with the modular walls we love and adore) give way to more immersive experiences.

Video walls greet guests with a bright smile… also, 360 degrees of awesome

Screen displays are getting better and better each year. 4k displays are being adopted more frequently and for good reason. Once you experience the crystal clear, smooth resolution of 4k, you can’t really go back. 

Better yet, screen displays are going 360 while still fully using 4k technology (with an added dash of VR if you please). Imagine being surrounded by 360 panels displaying event content to wow and inspire.

Straight out of a sci-fi movie.

That’s a holograph…

Just like how virtual reality technology emerged and bloomed, so is holographic technology.

At CES 2019, HYPERVSN revealed their new 3D holographic technologies – The Solo L and HYPERVSN 3D Studio. The Solo L is an enlarged screen that can project visuals up to 30 frames per second to captivate audiences at any event.

Holographic technology is getting more advanced than rel="noopener noreferrer" ever, corporations are jumping on board, and we are ready to see it bloom in 2019.

Of course, these don’t stop here. There are plenty of trends ready to be realized and utilized into 2019. Look out for more of our articles on “…trends for 2019” coming soon.

While we have you, why not get in touch to see what we can do for your next event. We are ready to pull up our sleeves and get to work – are you?


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