Fostering Customer Loyalty in Times of Uncertainty

Fostering Customer Loyalty in Times of Uncertainty | MCI Group | Events

Calendar icon October, 08 2020

COVID-19 has tested the business world as we knew it across sectors, working practices and customer relationships. At MCI, we navigated this time also thanks to our approach to strategic account management.

The current COVID-19 crisis has put customers’ loyalty, trust and confidence to the test. At MCI, retaining client’s trust became our number one priority as we stood by our clients while they were facing their own unprecedented challenges. We wanted to assure our clients that we were going to be there for them and maintained a sense of optimism in what was waiting on the other side of the tunnel. 

By putting our customers’ interests first and giving them confidence in the future, we at MCI are proud to say that 44% of our clients are returning customers (as of August 2020). 

So, how did we do it? 

1. Maintaining constant communication 

We made sure that the communication chain with our clients was never broken. 

As the global situation has been evolving rapidly and differs widely around the world, our clients reached out to us to be informed about the latest updates. 

They were turning to us not only for advice that pertained to our business and what we could do for them, but beyond. Sensing this need for reliable information and advice, we maintained a constant flow of communication. 

2. Pivoting to new solutions and service offerings  

MCI is in the business of building community and bringing our customers’ customers together. 

The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to redefine the ways in which we bring their employees, customers, partners and members together. For this reason, we quickly adapted our service offering and designed new solutions to meet their evolving needs whilst ensuring business continuity. 

Pivoting to digital and hybrid solutions, we equipped our clients with all the tools they needed in their community building initiatives by co-creating strategies and by bringing in outside innovation if needed. 

This showed our customers that we weren’t only supporting our agenda, but that we were committed to offering them the best possible solution for their business. 

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3. Implementing flexible pricing and change policies 

When business models change, so does pricing. It was always top-of-mind for us, however, that while implementing this change, our clients were facing their own growth challenges. 

That's why we offered them new pricing models that ensured their ROI whilst giving them confidence that the spending could be justified. 

This uncertain period also required us to act as agile as possible when it came to policies. As audience activations relied almost solely on the online space, in fact, new policies were put in place or modified to reflect this shift. 

As a result, our clients needed us to be ready to accommodate these – sometimes last-minute – changes. 

4. Growing along with our clients 

Despite the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, some business sectors continue to thrive. Think the Ecommerce field, ICT, the tech and pharma industries. 

It was clear for us then that we needed to adapt to their growth by pacing ourselves equally. We did it by designing and delivering our solutions faster and better.  

We kept providing value and further fuelleld their growth through our support. 

By focusing on what matters the most for our clients and on improving their lives through our offerings, we were able to reinforce strong and long-lasting relationships. The reward for putting our clients first is always the trust and loyalty they continue to place in us.  


nisha mullatti

nisha mullatti
Nisha Mullatti

Head of Global Growth & Client Success

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