How to Choose the Digital Event Platform That Correctly Fits Your Needs

How to Choose the Digital Event Platform That Correctly Fits Your Needs | MCI Group | Events

Calendar icon July, 03 2020

When venturing in the digital events world, selecting the right host platform might seem the most obvious choice, until you’re confronted with the hundreds of providers in the market. Here’s our advice on the key aspects to consider when choosing a digital event platform that answers to your and your audience’s unique needs.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when, after deciding to hold your event online, you approach the choice of which digital platform to adopt. There is a myriad of technology providers available on the market, claiming to offer the best digital solution with seamless integration. Truth is that most providers will shine in only one or two aspects. 

It becomes critical then to carefully select the technology provider that best suits your needs, budget and time available. In the case of digital events, one size doesn’t fit all. They range from simple live or recorded broadcasts to complex AI-driven learning platforms to inform and serve subscribers year-round. Finding the perfect match between a provider and your event brings you one step closer to a successful result. It takes you from having simple attendees to brand ambassadors

So, how to make the choice? And what are the most relevant aspects to consider? 

At MCI The Netherlands we have been investigating multiple solution providers, benchmarking their functionalities, capabilities and pricing to guarantee the best possible outcomes. Based on our research, here are the most critical aspects to consider when choosing a digital event platform: 

1. Bespoke branding options 

The option of branding the event with your company or organisation’s logo and colours is paramount not only at a live event but at a digital one, too. A technology provider must be able to ensure your brand is protected and consistent all around the platform. 

2. A high-level look and feel 

It's not just about functionalities and having the right logo – the look counts, too. A good provider will propose you a platform with high-quality graphic design and interface that is noticeably designed by professionals. This will make for a more pleasant experience for attendees who might spend hours on the platform. 

3. Secure, trustworthy and proven technology 

Organisations expanding their digital ecosystems are faced with increasing security threats. That's why you want to invest in a technology that has a solid IT infrastructure and experienced staff. The provider should be committed to confidentiality and integrity while offering a tried and tested platform solution. 

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4. GDPR-compliant registrations

Whenever dealing with people’s personal data, the platform you choose must be compliant with the latest data protection and privacy regulations. Recent data breach scandals have shown how harmful those can be for organisations’ reputation and consumer trust

5. User-friendly interface 

Enjoyable experiences form strong connections between a brand and its audience. A platform with a poor UX and UI will hinder participation and the way users interact with the content of your event. That's why a strategically designed platform must be easy to use and support fundamental business objectives.  

6. Elevated attendee experience 

Likely, your audience is already accustomed to webinars and other online content at this point. Which is why your chosen platform should have different elements that enhance the attendee experience. These can be engagement tools, interactive features (Q&As, live quizzes, matchmaking tools...) or a TV-like virtual experience. 

If you’ve decided to host a digital event for your stakeholders but don’t know where to start, relying on an experienced technology provider will set you up for success. But that’s only one part of the equation. Each event and each audience are unique and require a bespoke approach. At MCI, we partner with our clients to make sure that a digital platform is combined with a customised and creative design strategy. That’s key to make it a unique and perfect fit. 


leen jan van dijke

leen jan van dijke
Leen Jan Van Dijke

Director Corporate Division, MCI The Netherlands

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naud becker
Naud Becker

Director Congresses & Associations, MCI The Netherlands

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