The Digital Imperative: How We Provide Clarity & Agility to Our Clients’ Online Engagement Efforts

The Digital Imperative: How We Provide Clarity & Agility to Our Clients’ Online Engagement Efforts | MCI Group | Events

Calendar icon November, 27 2020

In the world of offline and online engagement, the digital imperative is here to stay. But digital should fit your strategy, not be the strategy. That's why an off-the-shelf solution won’t work in the long run. The winning strategies in this arena are about agility and a learning-by-doing approach.

At MCI, we see this as a great opportunity to explore new engagement strategies and work alongside our clients to understand what best fits their needs and their desired strategic outcomes. 

One of our biggest learnings in the past year has been that digital offerings can be an overwhelming, constantly evolving maze. The market for digital products, platforms and engagement solutions is moving at a dizzying pace and new features are coming up weekly. 

Our clients can rely on us to demystify this maze. We do this by simplifying approaches, testing new ways, and moving with agility in the following ways: 

Bringing clarity to the digital world 

It's a misconception to think that selecting a particular platform or product will make all the other elements fall into place. One size does not fit all. 

To make sure we recommend the best strategy and solution possible based on the desired objectives, we simplify what is overwhelming for our clients through well-documented research and guidelines that are easy to comprehend. 

We see it as our responsibility to keep up with the latest developments and do all the necessary due diligence.  

Our goal is not to just sell digital platforms or services, but to manage all the moving parts and weave the whole story together.

We want our clients to focus on their end-goal of creating a great digital engagement experience for their audience - our role is to take care of everything around that and deliver the most optimised and humanised digital experience.

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The beauty of online 

Coming from the world of live events, digital experiences might seem like diving into the unknown. 

Using the metaphor of a garden, in face-to-face events 90% of the time you know how the garden will look like, what are the steps, how it will grow. Everything is tangible and touch and feel. 

In the digital world, how the experience will unfold is less straightforward: will the participants like it, will they interact, will it appeal to their sensibility? 

But this perceived uncertainty is also the beauty of online engagement, giving us the chance to experiment with new engagement solutions and strategies.  

We come in to merge the soil of content with the most appropriate layout of a user interface to create the best laid out garden of user experience for our clients. 

Having an agile, test & refine mindset  

Throughout the process, it has become apparent that having an agile and test & refine mindset is critical in the fast world of online engagement.  

Along the way, we are testing, co-creating and prototyping together with our clients. That's the also fun of it: nothing is set in stone and you can adjust the way you’re communicating and the user experience as you go along. 

This flexibility in mindset must be applied in the evaluation phase, too. While KPIs are usually defined at the beginning or the end, they should be seen as an iterative process pre, during and post engagement. 

Regularly having a pulse on the situation takes a lot of ambiguity out of online engagement, turning it into a systematic measurement that must be aligned with your customer journey, value proposition and customer interactions. 

The world won’t get back to how we knew it, and it will require more agility from our clients and from us as service providers as we move towards a hybrid existence. 

We at MCI are at the forefront of trying, testing and finding the best approaches for our clients’ goals: working side by side to focus on attendee experience, content and engagement to deliver humanised and enhanced hybrid engagements. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to hear more about it.


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