Transform Your Audience Engagement for the Virtual World: D.I.V.E. by MCI

Transform Your Audience Engagement for the Virtual World: D.I.V.E. by MCI | MCI Group | Events

Calendar icon August, 20 2020

How do you transform your audience engagement? How do you maintain that meaningful human connection and achieve your business objectives?

D.I.V.E.© by MCI is a design thinking methodology that will help you to adapt and transform your engagement strategies to be future-proofed and impactful.

The world of activating audiences is evolving as communities need to come together in both a physical and digital way. We are all navigating a changing environment that is different from the past, yet no less rich in possibilities for those who are prepared for the future.

At MCI, we understand the challenges and pitfalls that digital potentially represents to organisations – the need to do something quickly versus the long term sustainable and appropriate approach.

That's why we want to help brands create breakthrough experiences, whether live, hybrid or virtual, that connect in more meaningful, memorable and shareable ways.

D.I.V.E. by MCI (Define. Ideate. Visualise. Engage.) is our new design thinking product ideated for that purpose. Based on our online and offline expertise and 30 years of strategic insights and knowledge of people engagement, it builds an agile, effective and scalable framework tailored to your brand’s objectives.

oscar cerezalesTo explain further what D.I.V.E. by MCI is and how it can successfully guide you through your digital transformation, we’ve asked our EVP of the Corporate Division Oscar Cerezales to tell us why D.I.V.E. is the right strategy to achieve tangible outcomes without investing too much time and resources.

Why did you decide to develop D.I.V.E.?

Cerezales: We analysed the needs of our customers during this period of uncertainty: needs in terms of audiences – whether internal or external – in terms of engagement – channels, content, formats – and in terms of business goals – lead generation, sales, web traffic or L&D.

The main outcome was that our customers were approaching their challenges with tech ‘anchored’ solutions – simply pivoting their pre-existing face-to-face meetings into digital.

In our opinion, that was a short-term, wrong approach. We came up with D.I.V.E. as a simple, step-by-step solution for their digital needs based on design thinking, enabled by tech and focused on the customer’s customer.

Who was D.I.V.E. ideated for?

Cerezales: It was ideated for brands that need to engage with their audiences and need a solution that is not a one-off approach, but a sustainable, scalable, replicable and user-centric one.

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How do you foresee DI.V.E. improving our clients’ lives?

Cerezales: It’s all about:

  • Efficiency, because it’s a simple process that can be iterated.
  • Scalability, because it can be rolled out easily.
  • Strategy, because it’s about the right allocation of resources.
  • Audience-centricity, because it connects goals with the audience’s needs.

What can D.I.V.E. give our clients that other methodologies cannot?

Cerezales: Simplicity. Other methodologies are great but complex – they require in-depth training and more resources to be activated.

Can you explain the D.I.V.E. methodology more in-depth?

Cerezales: It’s an adaptable methodology that enables to co-create an engagement strategy via a set of tasks and tools organised in 5 modules to ensure that key needs of clients and their customers can be individually addressed. The 5 modules are:

1. Phygital Matrix©: a deep dive into the customer strategy, whether face-to-face, digital or hybrid, in terms of where they differ and what they have in common but also related to 3 core components: value, components and technology.

2. Engagement Spectrum©: focused on audience engagement and O2O2O, in 3 areas: formal, social and informal engagement.

3. Phygital Business Model©: a review and creation of new event business models require studying the foundation, ecosystem and performance.

4. Phygital Persona©: an audience centricity ‘exercise’ where an empathy map is developed considering audience needs and how the event fulfils them.

5. Xperience Map©: the design of the event (from sessions to formats, tech and engagement), where insights of previous steps are applied together with neuroscience techniques.

What is the state of corporates now and how do you see it changing (if you see it changing) in the future?

Cerezales: Corporates fully understand that the way they are engaging with their audiences can’t be simply answered with technology. They understand that designing experiential processes is needed. Most of them are excited. Their key challenge now is to decide how to scale their events, roll out their strategies and find the right outsourcing model.

Define. Ideate. Visualise. Engage. D.I.V.E. by MCI transforms your audience engagement for the virtual world - discover how to future-proof your strategy by visiting



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