Virtual Team Building Activities for Engaged & Productive Remote Teams

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Whether you’re an experienced remote team or you’re new to working virtually with your colleagues, team building activities are more important than ever to maintain engagement, work efficiently and fight loneliness while social distancing.

We all have had moments in our lives when things are uncertain. Uncertainty creates stress, anxiety and worry. With the current pandemic situation growing and spreading globally, social distancing is required, but it can also create loneliness, and for many, anxiety and depression. 

More so than ever, we need to invest in the mental and emotional health of our people in addition to their professional achievement. We need to work closely with our teams to keep the energy high during these times, so they feel good emotionally and can also maintain the right level of productivity. 

That’s why we’ve built several team-building activities that organisations can deploy to keep the communication strong within their teams, have positive energy flowing, and keep that healthy competitive spirit alive.   

Of course, keep in mind that not every team or team member has the same level of savvy when it comes to remote interactions. Similarly, not all teams have the same objectives when engaging in this kind of activities – some might want to focus on bonding and socialisation, while others need to work on their development and working processes. That's why we’ve rated the programs we’ve created based on these parameters, so that every organisation can find the most suitable activity for their needs. 

Here are 3 team-building programs we have designed to virtually engage with peers and colleagues beyond daily work.  

1. Before Mars 

Organisations that select this program are looking for a challenging activity designed to test high-performing teams

This activity sees teams prepare and plan for their mission to Mars. Teams work on a complex problem, in which information is distributed across different team members. They must leverage all their remote working skills to solve a series of progressively more challenging tasks. This helps them understand how they make decisions in a virtual environment and the challenges they face and what they can do to improve their virtual team performance. 

Suitable for: established teams but new to remote working; well established remote teams 

Focused on: work process and team development 

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2. Team Tracks Virtual  

Team Tracks Virtual is the fully customisable, perfect addition to any company webinar, virtual gathering or town hall. 

Through a variety of question formats, including collaborative photo and video ops, teams must complete as many challenges as they can in the given time. It’s a great activity-driven, standard quiz-alternative to foster team bonding. And if you’re looking for a long-term activity, our 30-Day Challenge can help maintain connection among the team by encouraging daily dialogue, interactions and fun. 

Suitable for: newly formed teams; established teams but new to remote working; well established remote teams 

Focused on: team bonding and socialisation 

3. Code Crackers 

This program is ideal if you need a workshop to help virtual teams develop a charter for the way they work collaboratively

In today’s fast changing world, the speed at which teams can work together to solve problems is more critical than ever. Code Crackers mixes the latest app technology and physical problem-solving challenges to test the smartest of teams. Teams must work together, solve clues, uncover patterns and unlock the secrets of their team success. 

Following the activity, the team can reflect on how to incorporate the tools of remote working and on the best practices they can develop to build a high-performing virtual team. 

Suitable for: established teams new or experienced with remote working who are now looking for opportunities to be more effective      

Focused on: team development, collaborative problem solving   

If you feel the need to boost the emotional health of your talents, to communicate and to bring them together to have fun, you can reach out to us to explore the various initiatives that will support your short- and long-term employee engagement objectives.  


Ajay Bhojwani

Ajay Bhojwani
Ajay Bhojwani

Managing Director, MCI UAE

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