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Community & Experience Management

Organisations are made of individuals and they succeed not on the single action of those individuals, but on the quality of the community they create. A thriving community makes individuals more effective and goal-focused which drives results.

That is why we help organisations build communities and harness the power they hold to reach their business objectives.

By understanding what your organisation wants to achieve, what drives your vision and mission, we help you articulate the right message to reach the right audience with the right experience.

To be successful organisations need to engage and activate their target communities by leveraging the exciting synergies between people, technology and face-to-face connections that our modern landscape offers. Our experts help build upon the engaged communities of people that already exist online to develop incredible offline events that further drive these communities to engage online.

Because the same experience that excites a newcomer might turn off an insider and vice versa, at MCI, we have developed an engagement and activation model based on the goal of creating tomorrow’s fans. Five stages of engagement have been defined (from awareness to advocacy) and each stage has a set of characteristic questions and tools. These allow us to identify which stage is relevant, and then to move or maintain your community members at the desired stage with the right experience.

Who is your target audience? What stage of engagement are they in? What activation solution should you use to move the needle? Those are some of the questions we ask our clients since each phase requires a different combination of engagement and activation tools that vary by the given situation and the selected strategy.

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