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Strategic Event Management

An SMM programme is essentially a change management process which goes through the typical stages of a project and replicates itself once it has come full circle (definition, analysis, measurement, improvements, control, redefinition, etc). Much of the programme relies on meeting data analysis and interpretation of that data. A solid understanding of the client’s culture and objectives as well as the industry they operate in is required to tailor a strategy and programme which will have powerful and lasting effects.

Our bespoke SMM Programmes are specifically designed for each individual client, using a 4-step methodology:

  • Consensus and Scoping – Assessment of the organisation’s current meetings & events business (spend, strategy, staffing, processes, policy, requirements) and mapping of strategic objectives.
  • Building the SMM plan – Policy, timeline and deliverables drafting, communication plan, consulting and selection of logistics and third party suppliers.
  • Execution & Change Management – Roll-out of the full SMM programme.
  • Refining & Improving – Evaluating and optimising to ensure sustainability of the programme.
Meeting Design

As part of the refining and improving stage, we help clients qualify their attendee base and redesign their meetings to optimise return on investment and return on objectives. We work with clients to determine the most relevant solutions for their meetings, including duration, format for delivery, speaker profiles, use of technology, etc to each attendee community.

Hotel advisory

Hotels are heavily impacted by Strategic Meetings Management as one of the main third party suppliers for the Meetings & Events industry. We work with hotel chains to understand and manage the implications of a strategic meetings management programme on the sales process within their space.

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