Influencers & press scale new heights with Bvlgari's immersive VR brand experience

Bvlgari Man Glacial Essence virtual product launch


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A bespoke immersive VR scenario



An innovative approach to product launch



Influencers & press immersed in brand's identity and message




Gearing up to the launch of its latest man fragrance Man Glacial Essence, iconic luxury brand Bvlgari wanted to create a memorable experience to present the product to influencers and press representatives.


MCI designed and produced a brand engagement strategy that allowed the audience to experience the Bvlgari’s world in an unprecedented way.

Mixing virtual reality and real-life, influencers and the press were immersed in a 360-degrees interactive virtual brand universe that recreated the Alpine scenery.

The audience could embark on a thrilling expedition on the Alps while discovering the fragrance in a sensory way. By embracing VR technology as an emotion vector, Bvlgari created an interactive universe where guests were immersed in its brand identity and message.

Experience the VR world of Bvlgari Man Glacial Essence.

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