Virtual LPGA Week 2020

Gathering an Entire Industry at a New Virtual Event in a Limited Time Span









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LPG Week is the annual global event for the LPG industry and is organised by the World LPG Association (WLPGA). As the authoritative global voice for LPG, the WLPGA promotes the use of LPG worldwide to foster a safer, cleaner, healthier and more prosperous world.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel bans, the WLPGA had to postpone LPG Week 2020/Dubai to 2021. Nevertheless, the WLPGA decided to maintain the LPG Week to give an opportunity to the industry stakeholders to meet, learn and do business, as well as generate revenue to finance and sustain the association’ activities. 

The WLPGA had to completely rethink its event model and transform its annual event into a virtual global experience while considering the financial risks. The challenge was to reunite the LPG industry in a new event format in a short time frame.


Despite the short lead time, the WLPGA could rely on our partnership to develop and manage a full virtual event, which included conference sessions, networking and business opportunities, and a virtual exhibition.  

To ensure the virtual event would run as smoothly as possible, we sourced the right event partners and piloted a panel of stakeholders to evaluate every step of the event’s development, and adapt it when needed. 

LPG virtual week

Given the differences between a live and virtual event, certain steps had to be taken to makes sure both delegates and speakers were equipped to make the most out of the e-LPG Week. For this reason, webinars and tutorials were organised to inform and train the audience on the event's new format.

At the same time, we were there to guide the association in creating the content, designing shorter sessions more suitable for the virtual format and coordinating with the renowned speakers invited for the occasion.

To maximise the reach and exposure of the event, we worked with a partner agency in developing a 360° marketing campaign, with an emphasis on social media marketing.

"This year, the MCI team - who has been our event partner for many years now - has revealed their capacity to successfully adjust to the current quickly-evolving event landscape. They have been a real ally in organising the first virtual global event for WLPGA, which has received outstanding feedback from the LPG community. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the coming years."

– Esther Assous, Events Director, WLPGA