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Ciaran Henderson

Ciaran Henderson

Office: MCI Dublin

Job Title: Project Coordinator

How did you end up at MCI?

I studied event management in Dublin Institute of Technology and as part of my 3rd year studies I had to complete a 6 month internship. I had heard great things about MCI and I applied and was accepted! I started out with MCI as an intern in January 2013 and began in a baptism of fire by working on a 1500 person conference in Killarney for 5 days in my second week on the job!  After my internship had ended I was kept on for an extra 3 months in the summer of 2013 – I had a fantastic time and really became a part of the team in my short time.

It wasn’t long until I returned to MCI in December of 2013 and ended up working alongside the Managing Director on large DMC projects for an American pharmaceutical client where we ran 3 full programmes over the course of a month for 600 people. Pre event I was in charge of sourcing, liaising, contracting and negotiating with each of the suppliers. In the lead up to the operation of the event I created detailed event briefs, budgets and presentations and when we actually operated I was on the ground assisting with the management and I also personally staged managed the entertainment on each of the 6 evenings.

I then became a full time member of the MCI corporate team in November of 2014 and have been loving it ever since! I now work alongside the National Sales Director and help him to close business, I work operationally on some of our larger projects as well as project manage small to medium size accounts. 

Which word best describes MCI for you and why?

Exciting – we run some of the biggest, most diverse and innovate events and offer creative solution to business problems. Variety is the spice of life and each day brings a new challenge working in MCI. One day I might be sourcing a king’s castle in Prague to host 50 top executives for a dinner, the next I could be stage managing for a top international act at an exclusive corporate event – my everyday is so different.

What makes you proud about working at MCI?

The people I work with. The team in MCI is the best in the business, everyone works in unison and brings different skill sets to the table - being able to recognise and utilise everyones individual skill sets to achieve the best possible result is what our team does best. There is a real comradery where everyone supports one another, teaches one another, celebrates each other and I have made some genuine friends for life in MCI.

Most exciting/defining moment since you join MCI?

After accepting a permanent role, the first large project I was an integral part of happened only a few months after I started. In the space of 8 weeks we put together a multi-destination conference for over 2000 people in 4 locations all over the globe happening simultaneously – it tested everything we had, but it was the most exciting and fast paced moment of my career. With teamwork and the right people we managed to pull it off with operational excellence. We were so successful that the client has come back to us again and again!

What’s the 1 piece of advice you would give others about working at MCI?

Step out of your comfort zone. MCI has so many opportunities to grow both professionally and personally thanks to a combination of excellent internal training through the MCI educational portals, seminars and on the job coaching. All you have to do is open up your mind and yourself to trying new experiences, thanks to this your development will undoubtedly flourish and you will grow into the person you really want to be. Success is on the other side of your comfort zone.