Bonnie Ribeiro | MCI Argentina | ES

Registration Coordinator

Which word best describes MCI for you and why?

‘’Out of the box’’ –  I believe that what truly makes us different and stand out in the industry is that everyone in this ambitious team is a person who is and dares to think out of the box! It is only through creative thinking that ambition and dreams flourish and we can succeed in our challenges.

What makes you proud about working at MCI?

So many things! The fact that we are here given the freedom to be ourselves, to be different, to think of no limits and to reject the thought that something is impossible. I am part of such an amazing team of professionals and a global vision that has ambition to reach things set to be unreachable by others. MCI has very human values, integrity and believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. We are offered team building activities such as the Dream Day, the Health Month, the Learning and Development week and this is a privilege I highly appreciate.

Most exciting/defining moment since you join MCI?

Being part of the team that organized the 22nd ITS World Congress in Bordeaux 2015 (12.000 registrations). This was the biggest challenge I had ever experienced – I overreached all my limits and what I thought was capable of doing - and it made me feel alive! I grew professionally and personally and it was a remarkable stepping stone in my life - it has reshaped my vision and many changes and decisions have come from the feeling of accomplishment and confidence I developed with it.  

Can you talk about a specific scenario that created an extraordinary career experience for you?

Personally, I have always been conscious and believed in sustainable responsibility, so it wasn’t a surprise when my colleagues approached me to join the CSR team. MCI gives me the tools to educate myself on Corporate Social Responsibility and I am now the proud CSR champion of my office. It has taken me by surprise how amazing this journey is and to see how engaged my colleagues have become. The feeling that I am helping and guiding a group of people make a difference, is something very dear to my heart. And because this was not part of my job description when I applied at MCI, it has turned out to be an extraordinary (surprising) career experience!

What excites you most about your future with MCI?

The fact that I am being taken along a path to grow and develop myself professionally. That I am an integral part of MCI’s growth vision and the targets set.  That I am supported by being given the means to educate myself, I am given the opportunity to experience incredible things and the most important – the feeling that I do belong here, that I share the values and vision and I am included in the make of something unique.