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The mci group is a global next-gen platform for marketing innovation and breakthrough communication in the digital age. Our platform combines the talent, technology and creative power of our global agency network to transform brands and organisations.

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These ventures listed above are run independently with a stand-alone governance.  None of the agencies which are part of the mci group shall be liable in any way for obligations incurred by the ventures listed above.

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Sustainability Report

We integrate principles of responsible business & believe in diversity. We report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and commit to the UNSGD.

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Our Group builds advance pathways for human to human engagement. We explore people and relationships to create long term client value.

Our core values

Thriving through diversity

Inspiring breakthrough moments

Living by growth

Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship

We actively promote diversity within the mci group, and believe it is an essential source of richness and innovation.

As a connector, we believe that when people come together, magic happens.

We believe an mci group story should always end with a transformation, with a new way to see the world moving forward.

Encouraging and enabling entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers to thrive.

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Our global talents are our most precious resource. Operating in a people’s business, we’ve long prioritised the wellbeing of our employees, supporting them in their career journey and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are building an organisation that is profoundly human, with a focus on care and responsibility.


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