Content Capture & Dissemination

Content Capture and Dissemination | MCI Group | EN

In the future, conference content will be seen holistically as a combination of the online and offline (face-to-face) capabilities of a meeting. Delegates will expect to be able to access the conference in its entirety anywhere, anytime, via any device.

Furthermore, leading associations will leverage the value of their content by delivering it through an established life cycle to keep in touch with their community throughout the year, connecting with individuals or affiliated societies who are not able to physically attend their meeting.

This e-book is for conference directors and association executives who have an interest in providing a value-added service for delegates and members, creating a new revenue stream for their association, and furthering their educational mission by reaching new and previously underserved audiences.

Download the report to learn about:

  • What is content capture and dissemination?
  • Why is it growing in popularity?
  • What type of event or conference should use it?
  • Process
  • Success Story: ESPEN


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