The Dos & Don'ts of Virtual Event Design

The Dos & Don'ts of Virtual Event Design | MCI Group | EN

Holding a virtual event doesn't have to mean death by PowerPoint. Avoid information overload, a bored audience and flaky tech with our practical tips on virtual event design.

When conceiving a virtual event, we must go beyond the platform and the traditional conference or event experience. Instead, we have to build a truly digital-first gripping experience that extends beyond the computer screen. 

From a digital-first standpoint, virtual events are not one-off presentations, but advanced engagement-driven experiences. It's key to ensure that the virtual edition delivers the intended expectations.  

People attend events because they want to see, learn, share, and network with peers. A good design represents the skeleton of your event. It’s what will make the difference between a compelling participatory moment for your audience and one that fails to deliver.

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