3 Underused Tactics for Increasing Association Membership

3 Underused Tactics for Increasing Association Membership | MCI Group | MCI Group | EN

Every year, you may experience a decrease in your association membership.

Members retire, change functions or professions, or just opt-out for no apparent reason. Therefore, there comes a moment where the need to recruit new members becomes strong. Undoubtedly, having actively engaged members is your strongest recruitment resource to continue the cycle.

However, even when some of your members take the back exit, there are always ways to keep new ones coming in the front.

Give them reasons to join they can't ignore

A compelling incentive can eliminate any psychological barriers to joining. From special discounts to a future event, to free webinar registrations and online learning opportunities, make sure you make such incentives visible to your potential members. Choose an incentive that will deepen the membership experience and utilise your online assets, including your website, social media and blog to promote it.  Your existing network can also do wonders. Motivate them to provide you with referrals and make sure you acknowledge their contribution and recognise their support.

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Produce targeted, high-quality content

Membership promotions can get you quite far, so you need to come up with additional ways to complement your promotional strategy. This is where content is your best bet. Create content that helps you develop relationships with prospect members and allows for building a stronger base. For them to begin to think of you as a reliable and valuable source of insights, it is crucial to identify and research your target membership market. Help them understand that you can support them in reaching their goals, and they will keep coming back for more content.

Minimise barriers to membership

When a prospect is ready to join, no barriers should stand in their way. Ensure the joining process is swift, friction-less and simple. Lengthy forms, complex steps and long procedures are certainly things to avoid, as they may make your prospects second-guess their decision, or even discourage them. Pricing can also become a significant barrier, so it is imperative to determine what the right pricing membership plan should be. In terms of data gathering, ask what's necessary in the beginning. You can always ask for more data at a later stage!

What tactics are you using to increase your association membership?



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