4 Tech Ideas to Boost Attendees' Engagement

4 Tech Ideas to Boost Attendees Engagement | MCI Group | EN

We said it already and we’ll say it again: Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing for the event industry.

As with any innovation, it’s also about challenging the status quo. Having a disruptive mindset and thinking outside the box make a difference when it comes to adapting A.I. to the event industry.

At MCI Brazil, the Innovation team is creating cutting-edge visitor experiences. They are proving that A.I. can enhance events engagement, gamification, and data collection. Let’s have a look at some of their brilliant feats below.

1. Engage Your Attendees with Magazine 3.0

Imagine reading a magazine that already knows what you’re interested in. For Campus Party Brazil 2019, MCI came up with an online magazine that allows users to create a custom profile. Based on the user’s preferences, the magazine intelligently brings the latest news and insights. All your actions are registered and used to make your experience even more personal. You can also earn credits and get rewards by reading and contributing to the magazine. Easy-peasy and time-saving!

tech ideas to boost attendees engagement  

2. Wow Your Attendees with a Data Sky

Events are about creating experiences and memorable moments. Artificial Intelligence can provide innovative solutions to keep the crowd engaged. MCI Brazil ideated an immersive technology experience animated with smart data. Immersive technology can create entertaining VR worlds that surround your attendees 360 degrees!

First, visitors were asked to describe themselves using 6 hashtags. After having identified recurring trends, the data were projected across a dome made of data constellations. A WOW moment that connected people to the universe of science and data.

Combining these experiences with data acquisition is not just fun for participants. It is a useful window into attendees’ behaviours and tastes. From there, it's a matter of getting the best out of them to design better touchpoints and segment visitors more accurately.

tech ideas to boost attendees engagement

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3. Gamify Your Event with Brainwaves Matches

Do you have troubles focusing or are you a mind master waiting to join the X-Men? At an event for an insurance company, attendees could test their level of mindfulness by wearing a headset that reads brainwaves. Participants could compete against one another to see who had the fastest cerebral activity. An innovative way to entertain visitors and make sure they stick around.

4 tech ideas to boost attendees engagement  

4. Find out What Your Attendees Are Feeling Through Empathetic Technology

Let’s now look into another application of Artificial Intelligence: empathetic technology. It does sound complicated but bear with me. It’s actually pretty easy. According to neuroscientist Poppy Crum, it’s a technology that makes decisions based on our internal state. It reads our emotions; how hard our brains are working to understand our inner condition. This information is then passed on to devices that can adjust more personally to everyone’s life. Every day, empathetic technology can tap into a near-constant flow of data about us.

At Campus Party Brazil, empathetic A.I. was applied to understand the profile and emotional state of attendees. During a brand activation event for Coca Cola, participants’ faces were analysed. Event professionals could take a peek into attendees’ feelings like never before. Were they enjoying the activity? Or were they frustrated or bored with it? These are important things to know when preparing for the next event.

Artificial Intelligence tracking 

Applying Artificial Intelligence to live events is all about creating fun moments for your public while getting insights that will help your future performance.


A special thank you to Ney Neto @ MCI Brazil for the material used in this article.


Benedetta Fadini

Benedetta Fadini
Benedetta Fadini

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