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Born around the mid-90's, the generation Z group is a growing demographic that are slowly starting to make their mark on the event world.

Event industry professionals and C-levels are curious about what this upcoming generation expects and needs from events.

So, what does research show?

Generation Z are more like their older sibling generation than we think...

Much like how the millennial generation learnt their habits and ideals from their generation Y parents, friends and family members; generation Z are learning from millennial's.

This includes them wanting to spend their energy and money on meaningful experiences that they can share with their social groups.

Being highly active on social media platforms.

Caring about their impact on the world around them and appreciating a sustainable approach to event design and planning.

And being digitally-savvy.

They are different in how much technology they have grown up around (such as high-tech gaming devices like VR and AR), the social platforms they use and the micro-influencers who are their role-models.

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Moving away from what would soon be considered "traditional" social media platforms...

Is this Instagrammable?

Can I Snapchat this?

If you answered yes to the two above, you are on the right track.

What we're trying to get at here, is that over the years and with each generation social platforms people used constantly changed and evolved. New generations moved away from what their elders taught them, to make their own mark on the new.

Or to make something of the old their own.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Instagram (particularly the 'stories' feature), SnapChat and WhatsApp are the go to social platforms for generation Z.

According to a study, a whopping 63% of generation Z use Snapchat to send real-time messages during live events. This is compared to 40% of millennials.

And these social platforms are where the new world influencers live and breathe; the role models for this generation.

Facebook and Twitter are for parents and older people anyways ;0)

And don't even mention email.

So, while they are like millennials in where their interests lie, they are different in what they use, how they use it and who influences them. The digital game needs to be upped, with greater technological capabilities. And we need to get social on different platforms.

Have you got experience marketing, planning and designing events for the generation Z audience?

Comment below and let's start a conversation on how things should change going forward!

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