Can Agile Ease the Disruption of Change Management?

Can Agile Ease the Disruption of Change Management? | MCI Group | MCI Group | EN

Change happens. At some stage of their organisational cycle, associations go through change.

Whether due to external shifts in the environment they operate in or stakeholder demand, associations often face incremental changes. The true challenge is that no one really wishes to change. What people desire is progress.

To navigate change and embrace its disruptive effects, association leaders must build flexibility and resilience into their organisation’s DNA.

In comes Agile.

In principle, Agile is an approach to project management and is based on the premise that conditions change as a project develops.

Like the change leader, an Agile master needs to boast adaptability, and a strong sense of inclusiveness.

But, Agile does not happen overnight. The transition must be gradual, not rushed. As long as the shift happens moderately, then all members have the time to adapt, understand, and increase efficiency. Hence, the impact of potential obstacles is minimised. After all, Agile is not about carrying out projects as quickly as possible; it is about completing projects in a way that allows everyone to hop onboard and work smoothly towards value-driven goals.

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Emotional intelligence

This is where people-centricity takes centre stage. This trait is all about the ability to understand and relate to others, giving them confidence to explore possibilities and empower them to find solutions.


Active listening and collaboration are at the core of Agile, as opposed to plain contact negotiation. Feedback and open communication channels across all project phases are at the forefront of the Agile approach.

At the end of the day, is Agile the answer for a future-proof association? This approach is indeed becoming one of the most popular strategic approaches to project management. It has proved to have successfully shaped the way tech organisations drive business results and impact.

Can associations benefit the same way?

The full article was published on the issue of Meeting International Magazine Volume 8 - nr2 – 2018, available here.

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