Creating Social Impact with Meetings and Events

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No matter the type, events are there to have a positive social impact.

And considering the rise of generations Y & Z further entering the event scene, it's safe to say that events are going into a level deeper of corporate social responsibility. That is a topic they take seriously after all.

The first step is understanding the issue that is affecting your target audience.

What do they wish to change?

Whether it's politically, socially or economically driven, everyone has something that they wish to alter to change the course of history.

Driving a positive agenda...

We live in a beautiful world filled with, at times, horrifying events. Negativity is often the focal point of world news. That is why events are the likely hero to help drive a strong positive agenda to face the negativity head on and provide a form of hope.

Uniting like-minded people to share their story...

Everyone has a story to tell, whether it be a story of dreams, fears or aspirations. Every story ignites change, connects individuals and educates others.

Pushing ideas, inspiration and innovation in key areas forward...

It could be to revolutionise digital mobility or inspire conversation on equality and diversity, events are there as a tool to forming a better future. A future we all would want to live in. Events drive a conversation, raising awareness on important topics.

There are four important things to keep in mind:

  • Start at the bottom of the funnel: micro level
  • Work your way up, defining what social impact is to your meeting or event
  • Design and create interactive experiences for attendees to immersive themselves in to understand the issue(s) being discussed
  • Get out of your comfort zone

Since society continues to shift and the world grows closer into a true global village, we (within in the industry) find ourselves at the precipice of changing the status quo on social challenges.

So, let us help you achieve your goals to create an event to remember. Read some highly successful client stories.

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