Distribute Content to Create New Revenue Streams

Distribute Content to Create New Revenue Streams | MCI Group | MCI Group | EN

Next to keeping a mindful eye on their membership, one of the most valuable assets an association holds is content.

With focus now being shifted from plain attendance to active participation, today’s associations are seeking the right formula to showcase value through conference participation and generate revenue to further support their activities.

This formula is the one that will extend the life cycle of the conference, and at the same time, drive performance: we're talking about content capture and dissemination.

Create revenue through live streaming

The use of video is exploding. By next year, video will account for 80% of global internet traffic and recent marketing research suggests that incorporating videos in your business strategy can help growing revenue 49% faster than having no videos at all. It is undeniable that video use is one of the most engaging formats for delivering content.

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Delivering conference content through live streaming generates significant ROI. Associations can enjoy additional revenue by including such live content in their registrations fees, as well as in their sponsorship income.

To top it all off, sponsors and exhibitors will embrace the opportunity to associate their brands with live content.

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Offer access to on demand content

To maximise revenue, associations must consider on demand access to content even after the conference is over. A bespoke online platform gives them the ability to offer conference content 24/7, while enabling them to offer additional discounts for next editions, session credits and other promotions.

For greater impact, associations need to think about specific target markets. Not everyone would be interested in the same conference sessions, so a little bit of content repackaging increases engagement and thus, revenue.

But how can content capture and dissemination create additional revenue streams for an association?

What should associations consider before delving into developing a content strategy?

Find these answers in MCI’s thought leadership paper "Content Capture & Dissemination: Generating revenue and reaching new audiences with conference content" .

If you are an association looking to design global strategies, enter into new markets, develop relevant value propositions and grow sustainably, contact MCI's Vice President Global Association Management & Consulting, Nikki Walker at



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