Event Gamification: All the Advantages for Organisers

Event Gamification All the Advantages for Organisers | MCI Group | EN

People come to any professional event to experience, learn and network. Good news, the goals remain the same since cavemen gathered together to exchange lifehacks of using a flintstone. Bad news, attendees approach constantly changes.

Generation Y has grown up and its members have already been promoted to management posts. Generation Z has just kicked in. Their motivation is built on passion and reward much more than on duty and liability. Due to this fact, event organisers should now entertain more than enlighten. To include gamification in your event marketing strategy can be a great help here, as it is effective for all types of goals. Just a small reminder: gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity. So let’s see what you can achieve by calling the action. 

The boost of attendees engagement

  • Challenges, point systems, completion rates and narratives help you grab the attention of the audience, focus attendees on your ideas. This specific analysis of information finally gains more interaction with your content. 
  • Ice-breakers and networking games facilitate networking activity between attendees. Now they are not a random bunch of people but a community of individuals producing a synergy on your purposes.
  • If your event is involved in learning, education, or training levels system and performance-based, awards will educate the attendees and immerse them in your activities at the same time. 
  • In addition, game design concepts create psychological satisfaction and build confidence in your brand or association.

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Realisation of specific objectives in your event strategy

  • Polling based on any topic related to the event subject matter or facilities gives you an opportunity to receive immediate feedback and measure your goals straight away. 
  • Event-specific gaming mobile applications help you track and adjust for attendees behaviour. Now you have a chance to correct your agenda on the go and be as responsive to attendees as you ever could. 
  • While performing online or offline quests you can acquaint the attendees with the venue. Collaterally, it helps to provide on-time attendance and improve the knowledge of the agenda. 

The rapid growth of involvement with sponsors or exhibitors

  • When you take the mechanics of a game and incorporate them into the real world, brands and images start to be the context of the attendees' experience. The joy of the game will always be associated with the company’s message and the event itself. 
  • Gamification can spread outside the event field. The same principles used in social media will increase your presence and recognition, within and after the event and attract new attendees. 

All of the above proves gamification helps to achieve diverse goals and is essential for current audiences. Engage, interact, and simply spice things up on your event with gamification tools.


Katerina Tolmacheva

Katerina is a Content and PR manager at MCI Grop, developing strategies and communicating with all the service teams. She is a big fan of researches, analytics and infographics, focusing on the main pain points of the event and association industry.

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