Facial Recognition offers Advanced Security for Events into 2019

Facial Recognition offers Advanced Security for Events into 2019 | MCI Group | EN

It’s safe to say that facial recognition is a powerful technology.

Once primarily used for security purposes in law enforcement, in recent years facial recognition has found its way into our daily personal lives. In the form of tagging on social media or unlocking your mobile device.

It is known that facial recognition has plenty of potential use at events, whether it be in attendee management, facial mapping for behaviour, or event security.

It’s a technology that is being explored by event professionals more often and for good reason.

Greater security

You could say that facial recognition was always meant to be a technology for security. Law enforcement uses this technology to effectively locate criminals and suspects in databases to quickly find out exactly who they are.

Then, corporations started to see the potential in this technology for security usage outside of law enforcement.

Now, people are more familiar with the technology.

Security is always on the top of mind for event professionals. Understandably so.

Facial recognition software can help make ID checks way more secure and thorough. Before, check-in hosts would simply look at the ID card and ensure it is the individual standing in front of them. Now, facial recognition hardware can be implemented on-site to thoroughly run IDs through databases. Not only that, but this technology can help implement better watch lists, blacklists, and whitelists. One will easily be able to identify a face from their database of attendees.

This ensures hosts and event professionals are always on the top of their game when it comes to catering to VIPs, making sure those blacklisted are not on premises and installing watch lists to keep an eye on anyone causing trouble or an eye out for anyone that might be on a known security list.

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Efficient check-ins

In connection to event security, facial recognition technology can help make check-ins faster and easier for both attendees and check-in hosts.

Is there truly anyone who enjoys waiting in a line? If there is, raise your hand.

But let’s be honest, it is possibly one of the last things an attendee wants to do. And it can easily ruin the excitement if one is waiting for too long. There are many factors that play into why check-in can take a while. Facial recognition might not be the answer to all of them, but it helps solve a lot of human error that can take place.

Self-service check-ins can be cost-effective. You don’t need the most expensive equipment to get the job done. And when your attendee approaches the desk, they are instantly identified and ready to experience the event.

Richer data

From heatmapping an area to audience mapping for behaviour, this technology can offer richer data to event professionals. The technology can be used to analyse the behaviour of crowds and the temperament of attendees.

  • How are your attendees feeling about certain speaker panels?
  • Are they enjoying event activities?
  • Are survey questions causing attendees to exhibit certain emotions?
  • Are attendees distressed?

This can all be assessed using this technology. And in 2019, we will potentially be seeing events guiding attendee’s moods way more effectively.

Each year, we see facial recognition get more accurate than the last, and we believe this will pick up into 2019. It can be costly in some cases, less so in others, but later down the line, it will potentially turn into a must for any event. Event professionals are still brainstorming the many uses of facial recognition technology in areas outside of mobile devices and security – and we can’t wait to see where it’ll get taken next.


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