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Association members, especially next-gen members, are exponentially growing in numbers.

Increasingly, however, they are not passionately engaged with association membership. That is because the competitive association landscape has changed the rules of engagement. Associations who fail to act on those changes are the ones who struggle to remain relevant amongst their members. In come, online communities.

The power of online communities has grown at a brisk pace, as more options to connect with online groups become available.

Looking at an association's reach and strategic goals, an online community can make a difference. One thing needs to be clear, though. Online communities and online platforms are different. Social media, websites and online forums are platforms; they are the place where members can connect and interact. But, they are not the actual online communities.

By using platforms to nurture and grow an online community, associations need to then look at how this community can add value to their membership and consequently, to their future potential.

To enjoy the perks of online communities, associations need to take a closer look at what they really need and anticipate. Therefore, it is key to take a step back and explore the possibilities of investing in online communities.

Is your association looking at accomplishing at least one of the following targets?

  1. Reach a wider, international audience
  2. Increase and facilitate member interaction
  3. Build a community that will support the association carry on its legacy

If the answer is yes, then online community building is a good way to go. After all, developing online communities is and should be a key strategy to remain relevant and appealing to members; not a ticked box just because it is trendy.

If these points struck a chord, it may be time to think online communities more strategically. To enjoy the benefits of tailor-made digital solutions that will facilitate and optimise your association potential, contact us here.

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Maria Kriva

Maria is a Content writer at MCI Group, covering stories on association membership and growth, sponsorship, attendee engagement and conference impact; former online journalist and avid film critic.

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