Robotics, AI Technology and the Power of Human Interaction

Robotics, AI Technology and the Power of Human Interaction | MCI Group | EN

Calendar icon December, 05 2018

Many claim robotics will eventually take over the human workforce. But will they truly?

Sure, robots and artificial intelligence technologies work more efficiently, like clockwork, with no emotions involved to cloud their vision. But that is exactly why robotics and AI technology together with human interaction create an unbeatable powerful partnership.

We interact with AI daily. Chatbots, virtual assistants and social media algorithms are some common examples.

Of course, there are some obvious benefits of joining these two forces in events.

Leave room to focus on right-brain thinking

Robots and AI bring the left-brain thinking, leaving room for human staff to bring the right-brain thinking. Robots cannot imitate creative thinking. The human side will still bring the ideas and the innovation, while the robotic and AI side will bring the efficiency with streamlined processes, the help with the heavy lifting and systematic thinking.

The two simply work together to enhance each other's abilities. By joining forces into collaborative intelligence, as they have in 1,500 companies according to research, they can increase overall productivity together.

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Decrease stress pre- and during the event and enhancing the overall experience

In events, manual labour can be daunting. Often the stress pre- and during the event is at a high. While not to completely replace human interaction at an event, AI and robots (such as chatbots) can offer 24/7 immediate support - helping assist attendees instantly and leaving room for event staff to focus on the more time constraint and important tasks.

Using chatbots pre-event to guide attendees through registrations, offer recommendations or act as personal reminders can also help decrease attendee stress, increasing the overall experience from start to finish for them.

So, we should rather be thinking about how robots and AI technology can enhance the overall experience, elevate human interaction at an event, and work hand in hand with the human side. Inventors constantly create things that are meant to ease the stress of day to day life both personally and professionally. We have the choice to use these creations in a way that reduces the hustle and bustle.

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