Seamlessly Incorporate Social Media into your Event Strategy

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We live in an instagrammable world. 

These days, when you find yourself walking down a street, you start to notice small colourful cafés and brunch areas that follow consistent aesthetics, themes and that promise a certain vibe, be it pop, Instagram worthy, cutesy, indie or more. 

The same can be said for events. Event professionals are finding it necessary to incorporate social media into their event strategies. Making the venue, food choice, speakers, exhibitions and activities more worthy of sharing is key to getting great event promotion and FOMO. Starting pre-event social media campaigns can help bring in more attendees. And posting on the same channels post-event helps keep the event alive for a while longer so that you can bring in valuable feedback from the audiences. It is said that a strong indicator of an event’s success is the frequent online engagement using hashtags or mentions before, during and after the event.

And planners want to see two things: 

  • Attendees actively posting to social media channels, making their presence known to their own networks
  • Attendees using the mobile event app (consideringit’s been part of their overall digital strategy)

It's not a secret that these two can work wonders for your marketing strategyand your overall attendee engagement.

The challenge is finding new and creative ways to incorporate social media into your events.

And we just so happen to have a few tips to help you do just that, boosting your event’s impact online and helping you engage with your guests!

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photo booth

Event hashtag + a photobooth = visibility

Imagine, large and commonly sighted signage throughout your event venue. It is what most clients want and agree to include with their partners when organising an event.

The social media aspect comes in with unique event hashtags.

Consider placing a dedicated event hashtag in a clearly visible place within your photo-backdrop. And not only that, but also on your attendee name badges and on signage around your event. 


Brand guest selfies

Selfies aren’t a new concept.

The idea behind a selfie, or a self-portrait has been around for centuries. Now with mobile phones, social media and sharing society, selfies have once again taken over.

Phones have selfie cameras and social media platforms have selfie specific decorative options. It’s a common sight to see one holding their phone facing themselves in front of a landmark, branded photobooth and popular attraction.

And it’s just much faster now to get that killer self-portrait.

So, consider placing branded stickers in places where mirrors and lights are spread around the event venue, as more people will look to get a selfie over there due to good lighting.

social media poll

Don’t ask for their opinion at the end... launch an online poll

Most event attendees would agree that raising their hand and waiting to take the floor to ask a question is tedious. Even waiting for their turn when they simply want to express their opinion to the event organisers. 

So, use a real-time in-app poll system instead.It’s much quicker, intuitive to use and you can collect the data. 

call to action

Targeted call-to action

By placing targeted call to action signage's at main event attractions, you can encourage event attendees to “tweet”, “snap” and “share” anything that you would like communicated to a greater audience.

As technology adapts and evolves, clients and event attendees constantly have different needs, expectations and choices. They want to see the same or better results when attending events and conferences. 

See how MCI can help you engage and activate your audiences using the latest technology and implementing social media to your event here.

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