Smart Badges for Your Event: Bringing Data, Engagement and ROI

Smart Badges for Your Event: Bringing Data, Engagement and ROI | MCI Group | EN

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What if we told you a simple badge can help you optimise your event from A to B, enhance your performance and bring value for all the players involved? Science fiction? Read on. 

smart badges

New technologies are a great tool to streamline operations while adding value. In particular, smart badges are making things easier than ever. In the past, the process of registering attendees was done manually, resulting in long lines and frustration. Nowadays, wearable technology has taken big steps ahead. Standard badges have been turned into tools that improve the event experience and offer in-depth data on attendee behaviours and preferences.  

If you aren’t familiar with what wearable technology has to offer, we give you the example of Klik, a Canadian company that is creating state-of-the-art wearable solutions. 

Here is what you need to know about their smart badges and this latest event technology trend.  

More than a badge 

smart badges

Badges have become more than an accessory to wear while you make the rounds at a conference. The best way to take advantage of them is by creating an entire ecosystem to track and monitor the devices (and the people wearing them). Let’s have a look at the different elements surrounding this smart technology and why they are valuable. 

  1. The wearable: obviously. This device doesn’t have to be a badge. It can also be a button, a sleeve or a wristband. Together with the device, a clever light system lights up in response to attendee actions, making for a fun user experience.
  2. The event app: thanks to this app, it is possible to manage your attendees’ experience from beginning to end all in one place. On one hand, organisers can have an instant record of people’s interactions plus the information they decided to share. On the other hand, it is also the perfect place where to ask for instant feedback after a session and measure satisfaction. 
  3. Control panel and live dashboard: the control panel is ideal to manage the entire event, from participant profiles to branding and integrating more functions in the app. The live dashboard is where the analytics are stored. In the dashboard, you can: 
  • monitor the number of people on site. 
  • check the engagement level of participants and compare data from different days. 

The cool thing about these wearables is that they provide features that are useful for different players involved in an event. Let’s see why they are a valuable resource for sponsors, exhibitors and organisers.  

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What’s in it for sponsors and exhibitors?

smart badges

The goal for exhibitors participating in an event is to network and collect leads. Sponsors want to make sure their presence is well represented. All this is possible thanks to a lead retrieval system and a web portal.
  • The exhibitor web portal

When a sponsor decides to purchase the lead retrieval system, they have access to a portal where they can manage the information and branding provided to the attendees. In addition, booth representatives can be added to gather all their leads in the same place.

Thanks to this portal, they can also get information on each lead, including which representative they have met and track performance. Exhibitors can also gain insights into the level of engagement at their booth, so how many visits they’ve had and how much time people have spent there.
  • Digital visibility:

Through this system, it will become incredibly easy for booth representatives to keep track of leads and vice versa, as their profile information will appear on the other’s timeline and they can connect on social media.

We all like to be prepared. Thanks to a tool called ‘smart match’, booth representatives can optimise their networking in advance. In fact, they will receive recommendations of potential leads based on common interests!

And for organisers?

smart badges

Aside from having all the information regarding operations of an event (calendar, locations, speakers, registration...) collected in one place, the wearable’s ecosystem also provides you with monitoring and analytics before, during and after the event.

  • Live monitoring:

In the control panel, organisers can have a real time overview of the registration progress. Through a passive tracking system, they can have a general idea of how many attendees, staff members and exhibitors are in different areas. They can even measure foot trafficdwell time and engagement levels in specific booths or around certain activities. Thanks to a live heatmap, they can allocate staff more effectively based on real data. Basically, a control-freak dream.

smart badges


  • Analytics report:

Gathering data is great, but what’s important is how you use them to enhance your performance. Before the event, clients are asked to lay out the event’s objectives. Then,data tracking is configured to measure whether those goals are achieved. After the event, an analytics report is generated, translating the data into insights and trends. Having such a report means improving your performance and being one step ahead of the competition!

smart badges

How is the event performance measured? 

  • Event attendance, including a list of attendees who accepted the terms and conditions aligned with GDPR regulations.
  • Satisfaction and engagement of attendees.
  • Event planning optimisation based on the behaviour of participants.
  • Monetary returns ensuring sponsor satisfaction and brand awareness.

New wearable technologies are bringing so much to the table in terms of engagement, ROI, and use of data to understand your event. Don't get left behind and join the revolution!


A special thank you to Adekambi Laleye and the people @ Klik for the material used in this article.


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