Tips for More Effective Management of New Tradeshow Leads

Tips for More Effective Management of New Tradeshow Leads | MCI Group | EN

A well-thought strategy for converting prospects into sales deals is imperative when attending or participating at a tradeshow.

It is true that leads generated from this type of events can range from a brief handshake and business card exchange to close connections, making tradeshows the ideal environment for gathering as much information as possible from prospective clients that can be used for future marketing campaigns.

Looking at the sales possibilities from getting leads at tradeshows, these 5 tips can help businesses increase their revenue just from getting introduced to a potential new client or by making a new LinkedIn connection:

Lead evaluation

When in a tradeshow, leads can vary from ‘hot’ – deals ready to be closed on the spot, to ‘cold’ – business card exchange after a quick handshake. To add more to your upcoming marketing strategy, be sure to distribute your leads into these two categories as this makes it easier for your sales team to determine the right tactics to approach them after the tradeshow.

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Hot leads first, cold ones later

Just like food, if you let it rest for a while it will eventually get cold. Similarly, once you have identified a hot lead, it is crucial to act quickly for closing the sale and avoid a wasted opportunity. Be sure to inform your sales teams to focus on the hot prospects first by devoting a considerable amount of time before moving to the rest. 

Track and monitor your progress using CRM software

In large tradeshows, thousands of people are considered leads and provided you have a CRM system in place, this is the time that it pays off. Using a simple scanning software to draw useful information like emails and telephone numbers from business cards, the data are automatically uploaded to your CRM software making the work of your sales team easier as they do not waste time in finding and categorising these details.

Convert cold leads to hold with targeted campaigns

As mentioned earlier, hot and cold leads require a different marketing strategy to be converted into sales. Use targeted email campaigns or ‘lure’ them with sorts of special offers for building up the relationship before making your sales pitch.

Reach to your customers for referrals

After successfully converting your tradeshow leads into sales, why not ask for recommendations? If you have spent a considerable amount of time for building trust by showcasing the value of doing business with them, you can always offer discounts or additional free services in exchange for referrals that you could use for approaching similar profile clients.

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