Top Tips: Attracting Younger Audiences To Your Congress

Top Tips: Attracting Younger Audiences To Your Congress | MCI Group | MCI Group | EN

The need to attract younger audiences to a congress and better yet, to entice millennials into association memberships is a lingering (and admittedly widely covered) topic.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this generation is not one to be ignored, as they now represent a large demographic in attendance.

It is therefore critical to adjust both marketing and scientific programmes to address their unique needs and more importantly, to find your way into their minds and hearts. It goes without saying that technology plays a big role in achieving just that. For younger audiences, smartphones are an extension of their hand, whereas accessing the world of social media and applications has become a 24/7 routine.

Despite its dominant role, technology is not your sole ticket to success. So, try to revolve your strategy around the following three areas:

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1. Education

Feeding your audience with educational, insightful content is absolutely necessary no matter the age. For younger audiences it is even more so, as they crave for new things to learn, broaden their horizons and stimulate their brains. There is a golden opportunity behind people's natural ability to grow new skills and continuously learn. So think about how your expertise in your field can benefit the attendees and increase their learning experience. And since everything comes down to experience, steer clear of the traditional classroom setting and create an inspiring, thought-provoking atmosphere to spark emotions and elevate learning.

2. Entertainment

Undoubtedly, entertainment preferences change with the generations. One generation's enjoyment might be another generation's bore, so it is crucial to keep abreast of the current trends in entertainment for younger audiences and embrace their shifts. Keep your programme and theme fresh, incorporate entertaining elements, such as music, and keep a mindful eye on how these younger audiences would like to feel during the congress.

3. Congress design

At the end of the day, millennials want to be wow-ed. From a congress programme and design standpoint, you need to ensure you make the most out of their attention span and intention to engage. Give them space to connect with other attendees and start playing the social media game, make them feel comfortable with the setting and adjust the congress format to trigger their senses.

  • Use effective registration solutions to eliminate the obstacle of waiting, which is especially repellent for younger audiences who grew up within a really fast-paced digital era
  • Swap traditional venues for unique, memorable spaces
  • Enhance engagement during breakout sessions using tech or interactivity
  • Project impactful videos and visuals to create rhythm

Even though you might recognise the need to engage more younger audiences, are you truly ready for them? We can provide you with valuable insights!



Maria Kriva

Maria is a Content writer at MCI Group, covering stories on association membership and growth, sponsorship, attendee engagement and conference impact; former online journalist and avid film critic.

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